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装修装饰 / Decoration
物唯:羽泉“ 巨说还不错 ” 音乐餐厅设计
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 羽泉的店,取名叫“ 巨说还不错 ”

  感觉像是某首歌里的某句歌词,令人回味,也恰当巧妙的诠释了这家新晋音乐餐厅的食味 — “ Sounds Good ”。

Yu Quan’s restaurant is named “Sounds Good”. It seems like the lyrics of a song, leading people to endless aftertastes; it also masterly and appropriately interprets the taste of new music restaurant: “Sounds Good”.











The best flavor of life is clear happiness in hearts; the best food of life comes from Yu Quan’s restaurant.

Clear happiness in hearts is the calm, unhurried and joyous mood of one’s going to the Xilou, appreciating the moonlight and drinking good wine. 

Qingxuan Lin said: “clear happiness is slight joy”. The best flavor of life is nothing more than drinking some nice wine or tea and having some nice food with Live music, and tasting life in the twinkling of an eye.

【设计背景】Design background

  羽泉的这间音乐餐厅在上海大悦城,业主和设计师的希望是 - 食客们在乐声起伏和杯盏琉璃 觥筹交错的光影里,会被我们connection 的情绪感染,能被我们connection的美击倒。

Yu Quan’s music restaurant locates in Joy City, Shanghai. The owners and designers expect customers, when among the rhyme of music and the shadow of wine glasses, to be involved in the connecting environment while to get lost in the beauty of connection.

  歌手 带来的音乐 是这里一个区别于普通餐厅的一个元素。入夜的“巨说”还是一间酒吧,调酒师 又成为这里区别于其他餐厅的另外一个元素。歌手,调酒师 和 食客们之间的关系,connection这个场所里一种特殊的秩序。它们是 :看见和被看见、关爱和被关爱、温暖和被温暖的几种期许 、Connection是这个项目里的KEY、Connection也成为了我们设计的手法。

The music brought by the singers makes the place different from ordinary restaurants. Stepping into nights, “Sounds Good” turns into a bar. Bartenders there help the space distinguish itself further from the others.The connection constructed among singers, bartenders and enjoyers includes seeing and being seen, caring and being cared, warming others while being warmed by others. Connection is the core of the project, as well as the design method.


  平面图上首先落位的是歌手活动的舞台 - 由歌手和食客们 - 看见和被看见的角色确定出位置。由关爱和被关爱的次序推导出调酒师所在的吧台。接下来后厨,包厢,卡座,堂座...功能区域随之一一落定。中庭巨大的放射状的灯,是这个场所里connection里又一个重要的点。

On the floor plan, the stage is primarily designed according to the relation between signers and enjoyers, the “seeing and being seen” relationship.And the “caring and being cared” would be achieved at the bar where bartenders stand.Locations for the kitchen, private rooms, booths, sittings…would be decided then.The huge radial ceiling lights express again the idea of connection.


  “线”和“光”,“波段”和“温暖”都是connection物化出的语言,由它们编排,构建,串联出 各种可能和不可能的,存在和不曾存在过的情绪。联接是目的,联结也是手法。 

“Lines” and “lights”, “wavebands” and “warmth” are all the materialized language of connection. They construct, compile, and connect all sorts of possible and impossible emotions that once existed or did not exist. Connection is the objective as well as the method. 

巨说音乐餐厅-音频波段图  (2).jpg

  外立面玻璃幕墙通透如洗,玻璃贴膜是 音频波段 演化的图形,波段的行间里或许就藏着一个你深爱的歌手的名字。 食客们远远地就能认出音乐餐厅的方位。

The external curtain wall made up of glass is crystal clear with the pad pasting on it the image of music sound bars containing names of singers. Comers would recognise immediately the music restaurant from afar.



We selected carefully 110 famous musicians and bands’ works all around the world including various music types, musicians of all ages, from the globally well-known star Michael Jackson to the godfather of RAP Dr. Dre, from the representative of pop music Yu Quan and Jay Chow to the rock bands Guns N’ Roses and Queen. Each name is full of intensive affection and strong cultural penetration.



Here, everything is set. When the restaurant becomes a live show, the lights and tableware are also endowed with musical melody. There are singers performing,  customers attracted by the reputation, audience crazy for music. People come here and make an ordinary gathering a great event. Every corner is filled with jumping notes, each  frame a scene in the MV.


  围绕着音乐主题,以国际4大红翻天的乐队为创作灵感,为包厢设计了不同主题的霓虹和镜面装置。他们是美国说唱歌手 Kanye West、全球最顶级的法国DJ组合兼电音制作乐队 Daft Punk、英国国宝级摇滚乐队 The Beatles,以及美国巨星摇滚乐队 Linkin Park。 

Centering on the theme of music, the designers regard the four international top bands as the inspiration of creation, and designed accordingly neon and mirror devices of different themes for the private rooms. They are Kanye West the American rapper, Daft Punk the world’s top DJ group and electric music producer from France, The Beatles the national treasure-level rock, and roll band and LinkinPark, the American super popular rock band. 


The separation of the private room is composed of metal chains. It inherits the concept of “lines”. The lights in the private rooms are shaped of curved lines. The huge light in the hall of the atrium stretches out the light of the sun. Besides, the designers use as well the linear light pillars along the many columns, so as to form the overall environment and atmosphere. After the customers finishing a delicate dinner, when the moon is still hanging in the sky, it would be enjoyable to order a glass of wine at the dome-like bar and get immersed in the surroundings, along with the jumping notes on the tape wall.

巨说音乐餐厅- 实景图  (15).jpg


  音乐之所以动人,是因为每一段旋律与每一个音符中都浓缩提炼着我们辽阔纷繁的情感,歌在唱你,亦或是你在唱歌。在这里,你会听到坎耶·维斯特那谦逊与狂妄共冶一炉、富有变化的说唱风格;你能感受到Daft Punk那源自20世纪90年代中后期欧洲主流锐舞文化中开放的音乐态度,幽默而不失深度乐曲;也有机会触碰甲壳虫乐队源自20世纪50年代的英伦摇滚风格,在迷幻摇滚、流行摇滚、交响摇滚、民谣摇滚、先锋摇滚等徘徊,聆听摇滚中,口琴和西塔尔琴的动人旋律;你同样能够感受到来自林肯公园的低调摇滚震撼。

Why is the music moving? Just for that every melody and each note are an extraction of our extensive and complicated emotion. The song is either about you, or you are singing the song. Here, you will appreciate the modest, much proud and variable music style of Kanye West; you can feel the open music attitude of Daft Punk, which originates from the mainstream rave culture of the Europe of the middle and late stages of the 1990s and which is humorous yet profound; you will also be provided the chance to enjoy the British Rock style of The Beatles,originating from 1950s, wandering among the psychedelic rock, pop rock, symphonic rock, folk rock, pioneer rock, etc.and listening to the moving melodies of harmonica and sitar; meanwhile, you can feel the shock of the low tone rock of Linkin Park. These unfading classical music has always been encouraging young people to pursue a free, profound and tolerant spiritual world.



Yu Quan’s music restaurant is integrated with metal, neon, mirror, wine, cate and music. These are connected in a complicated manner, which seems to bring you back to the city of magic music. Here, you will be moved in countless times. You will be seen and appreciated In countless times. You will be loved and warmed in countless times.


  这样的地方 “ 巨说还不错 ”,你听说了吗?

Have you ever heard of it?

Sounds Good? 

项目名称:巨说还不错 - 羽泉音乐餐厅

设 计 师 :李若愚  周玲玲
项目面积:室内446平  户外280平
摄      影:Julian de Hautecloque

Project name: Sounds Good – Yu Quan Music Restaurant

Project address: Shanghai Joy City

Design director: Li Ruoyu     Zhou  Lingling

Project area: 446 square meters (indoor), 280square meters (outdoor)

Photographer: Julian de Hautecloque

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